Top Happy Hours After 6 PM In Manhattan By Neighborhood

By C. Nez Byrd Expert Club Promoter

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Looking for a late night Happy Hour near you? These are some of the best Happy Hours after 6 PM in each Manhattan neighborhood, handpicked by a NYC local and professional club promoter!

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

Where locals hangout and tourists rarely wander, despite being close to Time Square. Go Figure.

Happy Hour from  11 PM - 8 PM with $8 cocktails! Their fried chicken is the bomb.


Murray Hill

Bars get packed with the after work crowd. But, if you don't work in the area, what are you even doing here?

Happy Hour from 4 PM - 8PM with $7 - $9 drink specials. The small plates are where your money disappears.


Greenwich Village

Relive your college days, or just live vicariously through all the undergrads you'll get drunk with.

Happy Hour from 3 PM - 7PM with $2 off the entire bar. When in Rome,  buy a beer pitcher and play beer pong.


East Village

A lot of local dive bars, but harder to get to than Hell's Kitchen. Take the L train and be sure to wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Happy Hour from 4 PM - 7PM with $3 off everything.  If you can't make new friends here, then it's definitely you.


Lower East Side

LES is full of hidden gems, dive bars, and bars trying to be clubs. It's kind of like a box of chocolates...

Happy Hour from 5 PM - 10 PM with $8 drink specials. This is the pregame spot. Turn up down the block.


Upper West Side

A pretty chill neighborhood, good for a low-key bar hop. It's all students, doctors, locals over here. So don't expect a party.


Happy Hour from 4 PM - 7 PM with $5 drink specials. Cocktails and French cuisine. Ooh, la la.

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