Open Bar Vs. Bottle Service Calculator

Quickly compare open bar and bottle service options to determine the best deal with confidence.

Choose The Best Drink Option For Your Party - Every time.

If you’re buying party tickets or planning a party, and mulling over the question, “Is open bar worth the cost?” then this tool will quickly compare your options and help you to make the best decision.

Our free Open Bar vs. Bottle Service Calculator is easy-to-use, and designed by an events specialist to recommend the best deal, every time.

When Do You Use This Calculator?

Buying Holiday Party or Event Tickets

Compare any holiday party ticket offers and promotions:

Booking Reservations At Clubs or Bars

Find out if whether open bar or bottle service is the best offer when booking reservations for your group, company happy hour, or small event.

Hiring a Caterer To Host An Open Bar Event

Weighing the options for your event? This tool will help determine if you should pay a caterer to host an open bar, or buy bottles for self-service.

When do you Not need This Calculator?

You Just Want The Cheapest Option

This calculator recommends the best value, not the lowest priced option. You don't need a calculator for that.

You Already Made Up Your Mind


You Aren't The Decision-Maker

We'd love to help you win an argument with a friend who always thinks they're right. But just send them here instead.


This open bar calculator is the first of its kind, designed by an expert event marketer and club promoter who has organized holiday parties, corporate events, and promotions for top nightclubs!

This free, web application uses a proprietary algorithm that quickly makes recommendations between open bar and bottle service based on real-world experience and nightlife industry standards. So, it’s like getting free advice from your very own personal event planner – but without the hourly charge.

It’s a must-have resource to help ensure that your investment in your party is the best one.

Looking For Great Open Bar Deals Or Bottle Packages?

We have connections to popular clubs, bars, and restaurants in NYC. So we can help you get the best open bar offers or bottle service packages.

Check out our current list of venues, then contact us, and we’ll work magic for you!

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