The Hottest Basement Danceclub in The Meatpacking District

About Troy Liquor Bar

Troy is where you go when you want hip hop music, a fun crowd, a dance floor, and don’t want to deal with the douchebag doormen at most nightclubs.

The crowd is super diverse, and representative of the real NYC culture. So it’s definitely not for the pretentious. People actually dance and mingle here! And drink, alot.

Every weekend there is a line up of nightlife’s best hip hop djs. There are little caves for you to take selfies and do naughty things in. There are also game areas for you to switch it up and play billiards or skeeball! Just be sure to pick someone really cute to lose to.

Troy basically a bar having an identity crisis. The good type that is. 

VIP Guestlist Perks

Complimentary Entry For Ladies All Night!
Complimentary Entry for Well Dressed Men until 11pm!
VIP Expedited Entry
Complimentary appetizers and bottle service for ladies
and more!

Ladies Night at Troy Liquor Bar - Hosted By Nez - Always The VIP
Troyladiesnight scaled

Exclusive Bottle Service Packages

Complimentary Bottle For a Group of 20+*
Buy One Get One Bottle Free specials*
Choice of table sections (most clubs don’t offer a choice)*
Expanded guestlist (More comp entries per reservation)*
* At least one week advance reservation is required

RSVP For The Next Party

Guestlist Guidelines

Mention our guestlist or show RSVP at the door
Must arrive by 11pm to join the VIP section
Dress code is Business Casual for gentlemen
Dress code is Cocktail Attire for ladies


What is Troy Liquor Bar’s Dress Code?
Generally, Troy is flexible with the dress code before nightclub hours at 10pm. However, after 10pm, open toed sandals and athletic wear such as sweat pants are not allowed. Also gentlemen in casual wear cannot avoid paying the cover charge  even if they are on a guestlist. 
So we recommend for gentlemen to dress in business casual wear. and ladies to wear cocktail attire, dresses, or business casual wear at minimum.
What is the cover at Troy Liquor Bar?
The cover at Troy is generally $20, unless it is a special holiday like New Years Eve. At times there may be a bottle service requirement.
How much does bottle service cost at Troy Liquor Bar?
Bottle service at Troy Liquor Bar generally starts at $300. If it is busy in the club there may be a 2 bottle minimum which kicks it up to $600+

Where is Troy Located?

675 Hudson St
NYC, NY 10014

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