Ladies Night Parties

From complimentary VIP sections, to gourmet dinners, join our ladies for free drinks and the VIP treatment.

Ladies Nights Done Right

Are you planning a birthday party, bachelorette party, sorority party, or a girls’ night out?
Join our sponsored Ladies Night promotions featuring complimentary VIP sections, bottle service, free drinks, tastings, and more

Complimentary Bottle Service at PHD - Hosted By Nez - Always The VIP

Ultra VIP Perks

When you join our ladies nights, besides attending some of the best parties at top clubs and lounges in NYC, you get the full VIP treatment!

Group Requirements

Refer to our Nightlife Fashion Guide for dress code tips for ladies.

Ladies Night Rooftop Party at Cloud Rooftop hosted by Always The VIP

General Guest list Guidelines

We want you to have a great time. However, a few rules do apply:


These are just a few of the venues that we have offered ladies night promotions with free drinks and much more at:

Join an upcoming ladies Night


Book table reservations, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, or private events.
Minimum spends apply to all reservations.

FAQS about ladies nights Promotions

Typically, you do not have to spend anything to attend a Ladies Night promotion. All included promotions (e.g. free drinks, free entry, free dinner, etc.) will be free for approved guests.

However, there are some occasions where a ticket purchase is required, such as on holidays (e.g. Halloween or New Year’s Eve). If there is a charge to attend the venue, then this will be communicated with all guests before arrival.

When you join ladies nights, you are receiving “sponsored” services (e.g. free drinks and entry) for participating in a marketing promotion. In return, you are giving us permission to use your images and videos, without further payment, for marketing purposes (e.g. flyers and ads). Refer to our disclaimer, which includes photo/video disclosures for more details.

Since you are participating in a marketing promotion, we must screen our guests to ensure that they fit our target audience and standards of style. Please refer to our Nightlife Fashion Guide for further context.

Guests who do not follow the guidelines for participation will not receive the promotional offerings. However, you are still free to attend as a normal guest, unless it is an event with a strict dress code.

All additional guests (e.g. plus ones) must be approved by the host of the event and also follow the guest list required guidelines. If an additional guest is not approved for the promotion, then they may still attend as a paying customer, unless the event has strict attendance requirements.

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