Hacking The Best Boozy Brunch Spots in Downtown Jersey City

Boozy Brunch at The Hamilton Inn - Photo by yelper Neil-F

Whether you are looking for a chill spot to chat over coffee and crepes or to get wasted with friends over bellinis and pancakes, Jersey City has a great variety of boozy brunch spots to feed your need. And you’ll find that many are conveniently within walking distance from a Path train station, making it a short 20-minute ride from Manhattan!

Now, if you’re also from a big city like New York, then you may be accustomed to the enticing sound of “bottomless brunch.” But technically New Jersey doesn’t permit bottomless alcohol promos!

New Jersey regulations for liquor stores and bars are extensive. Licensed establishments may not…charge a flat fee for unlimited drinks (except for private parties and on New Year’s Eve)


So bottomless deals in New Jersey aren’t so easy to find. But fortunately, some restaraunts are OK with bending the rules, more on that later.

When I first moved to NJ from NYC, the limited bottomless options turned me off to the brunch scene. But when I recently gave it a chance, I discovered some local gems in Downtown Jersey City between Newport, Grove Street, and Hamilton Park!

While I was on this brunch exploration, I threw together some excellent boozy brunch packages around $35-$40 that are on par with most bottomless brunch deals! These packages would include around 5-6 drinks and a tasty meal to keep those mimosa bubble guts at bay.

I also found and verified a couple of bottomless deals and added them to this list of the “best boozy brunch spots in Downtown Jersey City!”

(All photos here are original and exclusively from my fellow Yelpers!)

Rumba Cubana

4.5 Stars on Yelp
235 Pavonia Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302
“A little Latin Flavor”

Rumba Cubana – Photo by Yelper Greg R

While Rumba Cubana doesn’t have a dedicated weekend brunch menu, this restaurant more makes up for it with an excellent selection of daily specials, delicious Cuban cuisine, and overall great drink prices available all day, every day. Yes, that means no pancakes and eggs, boohoo.

The $36 Boozy Brunch Hack

Let’s start your brunch hack with their “Un Poquito De Todo” sample dish for $15. Next, pair your meal with one of their $21 wine bottles of cabernet sauvignon or reds from Italy. And voila! You’ve got yourself a $36 boozy brunch with about 5 glasses of wine.

They also have a long list of very sexy Cuban craft cocktails for around $10 each. And if you love kiwi, ask the waiter for this version of their mojito with mezcal. It’s not on the official menu, so that’s our little secret!

Outdoor Seating at Rumba Cubana – Photo by Yelper Nez B

If it’s a nice day, you can enjoy some calm Sunday brunch vibes at their outdoor seating on the promenade with family or friends. And if you’re on a date, it’s located right next to Hamilton Park. So you can take a nice buzzed walk in the park! Extra romantic like. 😉

The Ashford

3.5 Stars on Yelp
145 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302
Rooftop Swag”

The Entrance of The Ashford – Photo by Yelper Nadia C

Do I need to say more than “$3 mimosas”? Well, I’ll give it a shot anyway. Stop by The Ashford to enjoy this wickedly cheap weekend brunch drink special on their huge open rooftop overlooking Grove st. When it comes to ambiance, this spot is a chart-topper.

The $35 Boozy Brunch Hack

The Ashford has a diverse brunch menu with dishes like strawberries and cream pancakes, and huevos rancheros to the ring of $12 each. If you have total disregard for your waistline, go for the fried chicken and waffles for 14 bucks. Now tack on 7 of those $3 mimosas, and you got yourself a formidable $35 rooftop boozy brunch!

Just don’t blame me for the possible face plant that awaits you as you descend the winding stairs. You knew what you were getting yourself into after the 5th mimosa.

Rooftop of The Ashford – Photo Yelper John A
Apps at The Ashford – Photo by Yelper Natty C

This restaurant has Saturday Brunch written all over it! Its modern decor makes it a great brunch spot to hang out with friends or take a date. And, once the nightlife comes back, you’ll find that the parties at this massive venue get pretty wild! So keep this spot high on your list for brunches and nightlife!

Madame Claude Bis

4 Stars on Yelp
390 4th St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
“The French Connection”

Madame Claude Bis – Photo by yelper Maggie R

If you want a taste of France, to show off your limited French vocabulary, or finally see what ratatouille tastes like after seeing that Disney movie, then Madame Claude Bis awaits.

Just a heads up, this restaurant is located in The Village near the end of Historic Downtown Jersey City. So be prepared for a long walk or a cab ride if you’re arriving by the Path Train at Grove Street.

The $41 Boozy Brunch Hack

Madame Claude Bis’ brunch menu has a lot of great $11 options like omelets, baked eggs, and egg benedict. I’ll also note the $12 “Croque Monsieur” just because it sounds so much more elegant than “a ham and cheese sandwich.”

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Next, select a large carafe of house red or white wine for $30, and you’ve got yourself a solid Saturday or Sunday boozy brunch for $41!

Outdoor Seating of Madame Claude Bis – Photo by yelper David T
Brunch at Madame Claude Bis – Photo by yelper Tiffany B

Madame Claude Bis offers a welcome change of taste from the many American, Latin, and fusion restaurants in the area. This restaurant’s casual vibe and outdoor seating make it a choice weekend brunch spot to visit with friends.

And since they say that French is the language of love, taking your Bumble or Tinder date is a smooth move. Ooh, la la.

Buddy’s JC

4 Stars On Yelp
247 Washington St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
“Sweets for the Sweet”

If you’re itching for breakfast in the afternoon, then Buddy’s JC has got you covered. And on their brunch menu, you will find delectable treats like Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and Cinnabon pancakes to help you reach sugar heaven!

By the way, they also have gluten-free pancakes in case you’re allergic or don’t want anything important shooting off of your body. (Did you catch that South Park reference?)

The $34 Boozy Brunch Hack

Since our other brunch spots had savory options, we’ll cater to your sweet tooth here with the classic pancakes, french toast, or waffles for $9-$10. And since their brunch cocktails are $8 each, we’ll opt-in for the bellini, mimosa, or sparkling pear carafe instead for $24. That puts us at $34 for your boozy brunch at Buddy’s JC. Winning!!

Outdoor Seating at Buddy’s JC – Photo by Yelper Tank G
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes at Buddy’s – Photo by Yelper Christopher C

Buddy’s JC has a quaint diner decor and offers outdoor seating. If you spring for their famous cereal pancakes, then you’ll likely be paying more attention to your plate than the ambiance.

This is the ideal weekend brunch spot to bring your foodie friends who loves taking #foodporn pics for the gram until their meal gets cold and mimosa goes flat.

The Hamilton Inn

4 Stars On Yelp
708 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302
“The Eclectic Menu”

Entrance of The Hamilton Inn The Best Boozy Brunches in Downtown Jersey City Photo by yelper William J

If you want variety, The Hamilton Inn is all over the place when it comes to its brunch menu. I can’t think of anywhere that could you find a lunch/brunch menu that has Asian pork belly buns and Montauk lobster rolls on it! But I’m loving the identity crisis. And with the solid customer reviews, it looks like it’s working.

The $42 Boozy Brunch Hack

There are a lot of $10-$12 options on the brunch menu. Some of them include chicken tortilla soup, crispy chicken wings, and French onion soup dumplings. Yeah, I told you this menu is pretty “diverse.”

Recently, The Hamilton Inn bumped their prices for mimosas and bellinis from $6 to $8. So if we factor in 4 of those cocktails, our boozy brunch will run us around $40-$42. While this may not be as boozy as the other brunch deals in this list, consider the trade-off being for their diverse menu.

Outdoor Seating at The Hamilton Inn – Photo by Yelper Andrea S
Brunch with Drinks at The Hamilton Inn – Photo by Yelper Angela D

If you have no idea what you want to eat and love variety, then this is your go-to weekend spot. They also have outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your brunch date as you people watch on this neighborhood corner.


4 Stars On Yelp
264 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
“Our Bottomless Brunch Unicorn”

Front of Frankie – Photo by Yelper Christine B

You know I had to save the best for last. So remember what I said earlier about “bending the rules.” Well, Frankie comes through in the clutch with the only bottomless brunch deal in Downtown JC!

So if you’re a champion at chugging gallons of mimosa, then baby, it’s your time to shine.

The $26 Bottomless Brunch!

Frankie’s brunch menu items are well-priced and all range between $6-$13. So you have a ton of options for good eats. You can go cheap and get under you’re waiters skin by ordering the $6 vegemite toast. Or you can level up with the $14 “Full Aussie” (two eggs, bacon, and avocado toast).

Finally, for the coup de grace, add their $20 bottomless mimosa or bloody mary special to bring your boozy brunch to an epic $26 or $34 total! Just be sure to tip your waiter generously for abusing the unlimited mimosas, as you should.

Outdoor Seating at Frankie – Photo by Yelper Claire L
Brunch Pancakes at Frankie – Photo by Yelper Mi Rae C

Grove Street path station is just a few blocks away in case you need to crawl back and ponder your life decisions. Or you can peruse the scene at Grove Square and its charming neighborhood bars and restaurants. Show some love and support those small businesses!

There are many other great brunch spots in Jersey City, so don’t stop here on your boozy brunch journey!

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And feel free to connect with me on Instagram @NezAlpha so I can see you getting happy drunk on a Sunday! As you can see, I’m one step ahead of you with my kiwi mezcal cocktail! Cheers!

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