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Explore the best lounges and cocktail bars in NYC

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About The Luxury Lounge Hop

Those “pub” crawls not up to your standards? 

Then join our unique luxury lounge tour and immersive VIP nightlife experience at the finest venues in the city!

Unlike common bar crawls, we only grace the best lounges in NYC. These are the most trendiest lounges where your blazers and high heels fit right in with the more “upscale” crowd. 

We also take it a step further to secure special perks like expedited VIP entry, VIP sections to network and party together, and your own VIP host to guide you throughout the night!  

Whether you are a local or tourist visiting America, if you have a taste for the luxurious side of nightlife, then our Luxury Lounge hop will satisfy your need!

The Best Cocktail Bars With Perks

You aren’t just general admission guests, you are special guests so you will enjoy some VIP perks including:

A VIP host to guide you to each venue

Complimentary Entry

Expedited VIP Entry

VIP Section to mingle (limited)

Ladies Night at PHD Midtown hosted by Always The VIP and Nez


  • Meet & Mingle

    This is our first and most relaxed venue of the night Make your first connections, first impressions, and have your first rounds. All participating guests must arrive during this time!

  • Pregame Party

    This is our second stop along the way and where things start turning up. Here we will typically have drink specials and a VIP section to keep the night rolling.

  • Turn Up

    This is our final stop of the eventing and by far the most energized. This is the location that will typically have a live dance floor, with loud music, and dj.

Venue Selections

We select our venues for the hop based on 3 main criteria:

1. Classy ambiance

2. Strict dress code

3. VIP perks extended

Guest List Guidelines

Since we choose venues that have a higher standard, we must do the same with our guests:

Must arrive promptly at the designated hop start time

Must mention our guestlist or show RSVP at the venues

Required Dress Code: Business Casual or Cocktail Attire

Be respectful to the host and venue staff at all times

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What is the Luxury Lounge Hop dress code?

Since we are attending higher end venues, and providing VIP perks at these venues, we hold our guests here to higher standards as well. We require guests to wear business casual or cocktail attire. The more fashionable the better. 

Any guests that join in athletic wear, for example, may not join the hop. These venues are chosen because they have strict dress codes so guests wearing casual wear are also likely to be denied entry.

Are there any cover charges?

This varies. Typically, there are no additional cover charges. If there are any charges, we will advise you of this in advance.

Is there a charge to join the VIP Section?

Typically the VIP section is a bonus perk, when available. This is not available at every location and may depend on the crowd at the venue upon arrival.

How much does bottle service packages cost?

Generally, we have special bottle packages available. If you want to purchase a bottle please tell us in advance or as your hop host.

Is there any charge for gratuity?

There are no mandatory gratuity charges for the hop. In the case that bottle service is ordered there may be a gratuity required, which we will inform guests of in advance. 

We do encourage that guests give our VIP host a gratuity if you loved the experience. That is at your discretion.

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