For Play Party

Spice Up Your Night With Cheeky Adult Drinking Games

Adult Game Night 2

Game Night Done Right

Looking for a bar with fun activities? Pondering different date night ideas?

Well if a night of “Netflix and chill” isn’t in the cards, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our game night themed “For Play” party swoops in to the rescue with a refreshing change from the usual beer pong, shuffleboard, and darts options that you normally find in pubs.

This party features popular games including “What Do You Meme,” “Cards Against Humanity,” “Headbandz,” Drunk Uno, free billiards games, and much more to satisfy your competitive nature!

Drinking Games & Activities

Forget about those dirty dive bars with boring board games, and join our game night with super cheap drinks, raunchy adult games, and dirty jokes galore! Feed your competitive beast!

  • Drinking Card Games
  • Drunk Uno
  • Drunk Jenga
  • Headbandz
  • Connect 4
  • Shot Roulette
  • What Do You Meme
  • Cards Against Humanity
For Play Drinking Game Party - Always The VIP


Guest List Guidelines

  • Check-in on our guestlist at the door
  • Only registered guests are eligible for perks
  • The dress code is “Business Casual”
  • All games are open to join. So make room!
  • The dress code is casual (except beachwear. this ain’t the Shore)
  • Must be 21+
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