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Answers to frequently asked questions about nightlife and our promotional services.


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VIP bottle service includes table reservations, bottle service, and VIP admission to nightclubs, restaurants, or events. It a premium experience for a premium cost.

Bottle service typically starts at $1,000 – $1,500 at popular clubs and lounges for a group of 4-5 guests. Some venues may require a minimum number of bottles purchased, in which the price may vary. Typically, the more guests there are, the higher the costs will be.

At popular NYC nightclubs, bottles of liquor typically start at $250 each, then increases depending on the brand or type of liquor that is popular.

Bottle service usually includes your liquor or wine selection, 1 – 2 mixers of your choice (which are usually cranberry juice, orange juice, or soda), and a bucket of ice. Other benefits normally include expedited entry into the venue, and a waitress that offers some presentational flair when the bottle service arrives at the table.

At popular NYC nightclubs, bottles of wine typically start at $100 each and higher depending on the brand.

Liquor bottles sizes at popular clubs are typically 750 ml. Smaller clubs and lounges typically offer 750 ml – 1 L bottles. Some venues may also offer limited magnum sized bottles, which are 1.50 liters.

Bottle service prices are generally expensive at clubs because people are willing to pay a premium for a “VIP experience,” which includes bottle service at a private table section. Bottle service prices are a simple matter of supply and demand for VIP sections. For example, despite the same overhead, bottles prices at unpopular clubs will not be as expensive as those at popular clubs.

The main reasons that guests get bottle service are to secure a private table section and have expedited entry to a club, lounge, or event. Bottle service is intended, and priced, for those who are willing to pay a premium for a better nightlife experience.

If you don’t show up for your table reservations, then you will be blacklisted from making other advance reservations. This blacklist includes most of the popular nightclubs in NYC.

There are 3 main reasons why you would make reservations with us:

  • You don’t want to deal with the hassle of negotiating with the venue
  • You want to get the best possible pricing available or take advantage of our exclusive promotions
  • You want to get the best possible table section

For bottle clients, we provide a VIP concierge who will help guests with planning, negotiations, and even an itinerary to coordinate your night with.

Yes, the ladies nights promos are normally totally free for guests. 

If there are promotions where any charge is required, then this will be disclosed up front, within the promo details. 

Our ladies night promotions are sponsored marketing promotions that normally include entry, bottle service, and even food tastings.

We typically charge booking fees or concierge fees for reservations. There are quite a few reasons why we do this:

  • As payment for services rendered; Our VIP concierges support you with all your booking needs and questions around the clock.
  • To help cover our labor costs. This includes the time that our VIP concierge works to support you.
  • To help cover our marketing expenses. This includes the highly informative content we create to keep you informed and website management. 
  • To discourage no-shows. When guests cancel reservations or do not show up, it damages our relationships with venues.
  • To offer you the best discounts. The more reliable our guest bookings are, the better discounts we can get from venues for you!
When you make reservations on your own, you rarely get our level of customer service. And given the high costs of table service, our fees are relatively small to ensure that you have en excellent experience.

We typically charge booking fees for all table reservations. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis and for loyal clients.

All of our fees or deposits are nonrefundable. 

In the case a guest wants to change their reservation, we may allow the paid booking fee(s) to be used as a credit towards a future reservation.

In the case of an extreme circumstance, such as,

  • An event cancellation,
  • A catastrophic act of nature,
  • A sudden government mandate,
We may consider another option on a case by case basis.

Our services fees are non-refundable.

In the rare case that we refuse to continue to service a client, we may choose to refund a portion of the unused service payment at our discretion.

E.g. A client does something that is against our brand values, such as racial discrimination.

If an extreme and extenuating  circumstance occurs, then we may consider another option on a case by case basis and at our discretion.

Due to our relationships with venue and event owners, we may have negotiated better, exclusive pricing than the standard pricing that is available to the public. 

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