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Everything You Need To Know About New Years Eve Tickets From Best Pricing To Packages

With everybody throwing a New Years Eve party between your company, your favorite local bar, and the hottest nightclubs in the city, it’s hard to choose one. And if you dare to try and stretch yourself thin by attending more than one New Year’s Eve party, you may find yourself stuck in transit when the ball drops!

Choosing a party was your first challenge that we tackled in my article “How to Choose The Best New Years Eve Party.” But what if you’re stuck choosing from a long list of confusing tickets options and fine print? This is where a lot of people make big mistakes or get hustled.

On the other hand, if you’re organizing your own New Year’s Eve party, you’ll need to understand how both ticketing works and how to set the right price. This is where many organizers get stuck when balancing profits, perks, and value for their guests.

NYE tickets ain’t cheap and the wrong choice can ruin your night! So I’m going to help simplify things for you today by breaking down the 3 core types of New Years Eve tickets, how to understand the packages associated with them, and how to calculate the ticket prices to know you’re getting the best value!

Let’s start things off with the fundamentals.

What’s The Difference Between A New Years Eve Ticket And A New Years Eve Package?

When you are buying a New Year’s Eve ticket, you will always find a long list of ticket options. Then you’ll have to find further details entailing what is included with each ticket as a package.

So every New Years Eve party ticket should offer 2 things:

  • General admission with the ticket
  • Additional perks as a package

Although the terms “ticket” and “package” are often used interchangeably on event listings. In this article, we’ll use “ticket” to refer to the “ticket type/name” (e.g. Open Bar Tocket). And the term “package,” to refer to the perks that come with the selected ticket (e.g. 2 Hour Open Bar with w Champagne toast at 12 am).

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the different types of New Years of tickets.

The 3 Core Types of New Years Eve Party Tickets

There are essentially only 3 core New Year’s Eve ticket types, which include:

  • General Admission Ticket
  • Open Bar Ticket
  • VIP Bottle Service Ticket

These are the common naming conventions for any New Years Eve party or event listing. So get familiar with them.

You will find many variations of these 3 core types, which makes selecting one confusing. This is because organizers often make many tickets for different group sizes, bottle packages (e.g. middle shelf vs premium top shelf liquor brands), table sections (e.g. balcony vs. ground level), and so on.

But choosing the best New Year’s eve party ticket essentially comes down to one question:

“Do you want to stand in the crowd or watch it from your VIP section?”

This makes the decision a relatively simple one.

How To Choose A New Years Eve Party Package

Understanding the different types of NYE tickets is just the first step. Next is finding and reading the fine print for the associated packages to ensure that you are getting all of the perks that you expect those expensive New Year’s Eve tickets.

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So to help prepare your brain for the many ticket variations that you will come across, here is a quick reference chart with examples of different ticket names, their associated packages, and important details that you should look for:

Comparison Chart of New Year's Eve Ticket Packages - Always The VIP
Comparison Chart of New Year’s Eve Ticket Packages – Always The VIP

In short, general admission tickets only get you into the door and access to a cash bar.

While open bar tickets grant you a package that includes entry and unlimited drinks for a limited time, usually between 2-4 hours starting when the party starts.

On the other hand, a VIP bottle service ticket grants you a package with entry, open bar, and a VIP section with bottle service! VIP bottle service packages normally have different tiers which offer more options for groups.

How To Calculate the Value of An Open Bar New Years Eve Ticket

If you are struggling with comparing prices and weighing the value of NYE ticket options, then start by considering how much you can drink, and I’m not referring to your alcohol tolerance. I mean how many drinks you will be able to grab in your allotted open bar time.

To help you figure this out, here’s a simple calculation for the value of an Open Bar ticket versus a General Admission ticket in a hypothetical scenario:

NYE General Admission Ticket Price: $50

NYE Open Bar Ticket Price: $100

If the capacity at this small venue is 100 guests. So there will likely be about 2-3 bartenders available.

With 100 guests all bustling to get drinks, you may be able to grab 1 drink every 10-15 minutes.

That would average to about 8 drinks during a 2-hour open bar.

8 drinks would normally cost $10-$15 each at a cash bar, costing you about $80-$100 out of pocket.

General Admission $50 + $80 worth of drinks = $130 out of pocket

So in this scenario, $100 for an open bar is better option!

How To Calculate the Value of A Bottle Service New Years Eve Ticket

If you get frustrated by waiting in long lines for drinks, then GA and Open Bar aren’t for you. Bottle Service is the way to go.

The calculation to validate Bottle Service is simple. Just divide the total cost of the VIP Bottle Service Package with the number of guests in your group to get the individual cost per person for bottle service.

(Total cost of VIP Bottle Service/Total Number of Guests) = The cost per person for VIP Bottle Service

Then compare this individual cost to the price for the Open Bar ticket and see the value!

Pro Tip: I always recommend selecting an open bar over a general admission ticket. With an open bar, at least all of your money is technically going towards drinks. Also, if you are able to cuff a couple of drinks at a time whenever you hit the bar, then you can really get your money’s worth.

New Year’s Eve Ticket Refunds

To get ahead of it, and answer your question, “Are New Year’s Eve party tickets refundable?” No, New Year’s Eve tickets are rarely ever refundable unless the party is canceled. So you will not get a refund just because you changed your mind or something else “came up.”

If you are still reluctant to buy tickets in advance, then keep one thing in mind. Prices always go up, if you need to cancel your plans for any reason, just find someone to sell your ticket to. You might even be able to make a little profit off of it!

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Pro Tips: When you lock in a deal and agree on a discount or package, you have to pay in advance. So I recommend that you collect any payment contributions from your friends before you come out of pocket to buy any tickets.

Now you should be armed and ready to tackle your New Year’s Eve party ticket buying and get some awesome discounts.

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Have a happy New Year!

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