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Le Souk Guest List & Ladies Night Free Dinner Party

About the Event

Open invitation for groups of fashionable LADIES to join a hosted VIP section with COMPLIMENTARY DRINKS, HOOKAH, and COVER. Free/Reduced cover for men and late entries, and great bottle service discounts at this fun venue where the party is live EVERY night of the week!

RSVP by text to 917 864 4000 to request

Must say guest list under "Nez" at the door


Guest list and Ladies Night

RSVP through guest list link. Contact us to join VIP section.

1. Mention guest list under "Nez" at the door

2. RSVP then text 1 917 864 4000 in advance for approval

3. ARRIVE BY 11pm. Photo of group required to join VIP section




Contact us for private parties, reservations, and corporate events.

Text 917 864 4000 or email

Special Reservation Packages:

Free Hookah with Bottle service advance reservation

Ladies Night Free bottle service and hosted vip section 

Free Bachelorette or Birthday Party with Hosted VIP

(groups 10+, tip required)