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Reach out to us for various opportunities to work on events, private parties, and nightlife projects


Nightlife Host Opportunities


Hosting at a party you can either party free or get paid. It all depends on your ability to draw a crowd for "image" tables. An image table consists of very fashionable, good looking, and fun guests that get VIP perks including complimentary bottle service. Ladies with a great image are preferred. Guests must arrive by 11pm and stay until at least 2am.

Party goer: Bring up to 5 fashionable ladies and you join the VIP section with complimentary drinks for ladies. Door cover AND tip applies for men.

Party starter: Bring 10+  fashionable ladies.  Reduced or Free entry,  join VIP section with complimentary bottle service, no tip required.

Host: Commit to bringing 20+ guests.

Commission varies with payouts over $100 in one night!

1. Must be sociable, maintain a positive attitude, and be well dressed at all times

2. Carry yourself responsibly and be responsive to guest needs



We often have parties where we may need experienced waiters, bartenders, performers, makeup artists, and more. 

Send us your resume and we will reach out to you when opportunities arise